And Gabriel Garcia Marquez Dies…

And Marquez Dies…

The ones we are sorry for, anything that touches us along with the moral concept, all changes together with the generations. Every era has its own tyrant. Every era has poor and rich ones. There are always moral stories standing against injustice on earth… There are those who see and those who don’t. “To be the writer of a best seller leaves a shadow on humanity after death” says Gabo.
All writers hope is to write the most read book. (There is no one who does not read the illegitimate relationships of “Madame Bovary” after 200 years and is open mouthed with amazement. The faithfulness at Anna Karenina makes how many people reach the last page even in 2014 without grunting? Although it was elected as one of best 10 books of our times)
Good/bad, mercy/cruelty, selfishness/love never has been so close fac. e to face …
I would like to refer to two writers with millions of readers. One of them would be the writer of the book – in my opinion unnecessary – “50 shades of grey” Erica Leonardo (pseudonym: E. L. James). This book sold more than 70 million copies in 35 countries all over the world. The other one is Gabriel Garcia Marques who reached 50 millions in 25 languages. Let’s have a look at the controversy:
E. L. James was listed as one of 100 most impressing persons!
Gabriel Garcia Marquez received the Nobel Prize.
With your impressions you may have caught most people’s inner world, if “sales figures” are determining that you are good. One poked the readers with vile stimulations of sexuality, the other wrote facts about people’s lives. Let’s confess that both have nurtured two contrary poles of our world. Those who saw their neighbour is starving and trying to do something; those did not care at all about what had happened to their neighbour. Humanity is in an irreversible metamorphosis and the boundaries on earth are changing.

Gabriel Garcia Marques was born on 6 March and Erica Leonard was born 36 years later on 7 March. Only 2 generations are lying between them. Both have caught millions with their books, both were selected as people effecting the world, but those who find themselves in one’s books are poles apart from those who follow today the other one. When generations change, , the view on poverty, moral values and the meaning of “being one” changes just like this.

Half of Syria’s population fled the country. Those living a nomad life beyond the borders are threatened by contagious diseases. This situation of Gabriel’s heroes – people who are happy with small things – hurts us deep inside. Anastasia, the hero of E. L. James is in the meanwhile busy spending a fortune on silk underwear and putting up her makeup. Those who read this aspire and sigh.

Millions become one heart and stand up and shout “don’t do it” for hundreds of people who are waiting for their execution in Egypt. Anastasias Lover, whose wealth seems to have no end is just flying with a helicopter above these people to go to Rome for having ice cream.

Marquez’s face is smiling when Uyghur Turks, fleeing the oppression of China, pass our borders to come to Turkey. Anastasia is busy with holiday plans, has no idea and is really not interested. She doesn’t even know that an organisation called “El Nusra” exists, founded by people who are taking a 1 year old baby as hostage and taking its picture with a pointed gun on its head. She doesn’t know who sent those weapons but the readers of Marquez know the hypocrisy. If you ask Anastasia to show the military exercise field of the new world’s order, the country Syria “on the map” she would not know!

The meaning of justice comprising balance does not change related to countries. The definition of a thief is the same everywhere. The explanation of a killer is the same in each dictionary. It is the same with love. If you change the place of those who have to reach a verdict, the meaning of justice remains the same. Readers of Marquez will understand … readers of E. L. James do not care.

One is sexy within the endless power of money, the other wrote the facts of humanity.
Do you now understand that not all creatures we call humans have red blood! Although in each country and each religion people who look up to the sky are desirable, now most of them are looking down. And Marquez dies.

“Dear God, if I had a heart I would carve my hate on ice and wait for the sun to show its face” with these words I finish this letter of farewell …
17 April 2014 Andrea And