kadinlar aglar

I am a magician… After suffering 365 days of my voluntary torture I became aware of how to penetrate in to the hearts of the readers of this poem book and succeeded to collect love pains. Actually you are the ones who wrote these poems. I just beaded the loves as prayer beads; moreover I have found common pains like your ache. In this poem, your hope and love held hands, and will fall out of a boiling pot from heaven right onto your page…

The more you read poems, the more new letters will be added from your heart to your love alphabet and you will see that love, which you had put once upon a time into jails, will begin to breath!

In what form other than a poem, could the most naive emotion could turn into, which has not evaluated for billions of years in the heart of the human being? Is there another death other than a poem, which keeps its color, its sense and all its memories always fresh?

Open your heart to poems, open it, so you can realize wondering, how all love of the cosmos could be fit into the pupil of a human.

Give a place for poem in your life, even a little one, so that the human beings, who are trying to live on the globe, do not attempt to start a war against the other countries, before learning to battle inside of them.    

Clear a place for poem in your library; clear it so that your children should not worry as “there is no happy love”.