son 13 günHow can be two “lonely” peoples, who are looking for love, continuing to be together despite everything? Also if a mental disease is existing…

This novel has been put down on paper to remind you, who have caused you to forget “hoping”. Just ask and the typical depressive love of Ercan and Inci will answer you. Even if your believing in ‘right’ is minimized, in all feelings of fear, trauma, shame, to chafe and to suck of the future, may be you are a paranoiac without you knowing it?

Who caused you to be like this? Why do you meet always the wrong peoples and why you are the most unlucky one?

It is said that 30% of the population is in depression. Mental aberration cases are increasing. Why?

If you don’t use your inner power, your anxieties will use you. Let it be to sacrifice the “free and human side” of your soul to pessimism! Who can more cheat on you than yourself?

FOREWORD of Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci for “The Last 13 Days”:

To write down a novel of a love is difficult. But the most difficult thing is to write down a novel about a sick love.

However the worst thing is to realize that the love, you found in a time you need most love, is diseased and you should give up. Love is not always self-sacrificing. If we are trying to continue a sick relationship, we will harm both us and the opposite side. Do diseased people not have the right to love and to be loved? Of course they do. They should use this right during their therapy and they should explain to the other party their disease and the resulting problem of their disease.

Mrs. Ayşenur Yazıcı wrote down the story of a man, whose sickness is certain and a woman, whose needs are not designated…

The author treated a sick relationship with a doctor’s finesse; she tried to understand and to be neutral. But the most important thing is, while reading you will fall into the magic of love as well as staying in the world of realities.

In live, all our choices have its price. These prices will have to be paid even if the choices are right or wrong. Sometimes the prices of the right choices are heavy and we do regret. Whereas, if we are making wrong choices and we are not aware of that, it could cost our life. You, reading these lines, means you have made a choice as well. With choosing this novel, you have started to read a different and rationalistic love story. The price you have to pay is that you always have an alternative. This way was opened for you by Ayşenur Yazıcı; you share is to prolong that way and to think.

Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci