yasama yetisemeyenlere mucize

(The stories of emergency consultations and requests for help, which arrived the consultation call center and solutions)

The process named life is flowing for no one in normal borders. It has been prepared for everyone, different presents and if the time comes, it appears and increases the adrenaline of life.

As much we are more involved in civilization, as much as we face surprises and despite the developing technology, we feel not to have caught life.

For example you are playing back-gammon with your partner and your child has swallowed the dices! Or you are in need of a medicine but it cannot be found, what can you do instead? Even when your car is stick in mud and is sinking! Where should we begin to rescue from?

What will you do? The life is full of jokes.

# You could have been addressed to work out all funeral procedures of your late father in law by yourself. Where should you begin?

# A nail has stick in your eye. What should you do?

# You could be obsessed to know why Van Gogh cut off his ear and has sent it to his girlfriend and what the story is about.

Shortly, if you want to continue with your life without losing time and feeling bored, due to unexpected situations, read the stories of this book and remembers that there is a system; a calm and wise voice is waiting 24 hours on the end of the telephone line to produce solutions for you.