ekmek-arasi-hayatYou, who is holding this book in his or her hand!

Our life is valuated. Although we are the one, who decide the time to begin and to end the dales and pits of our experiences; but when we are stumbling, how many people we can find to accuse!

How many people exist who are worried about their life? Why is the count of “If only” much more than their “benign fortunately”?     

Why do we spend up our life between two bread slices at a feast table, where we sat to saturate?

When we want to ask other people to think on behalf of and for us, don’t we willingly slide in our life between two bread slices?

Why does one feel dizzy, when other pay for their mistakes?

This book is eyeglasses that is decorated with little stories. Take it, put it on.

You will have both laughter and tear drops…   You will forgive yourself and other ones; even you will find many people who stick out their tongues. When you are finished, do not take off the eyeglasses, because you will everywhere there are people, to get kissed on their heart.