sizin hikayenizi caldim

If the questions “why” and “how” are greatly preoccupying your mind and if you like to put yourself in the place of other lives of which you are saying “ how strange but true”, than this book is yours.

You won’t get tired while reading…

Most of you will laugh up one’s sleeve. Most of you will swear that it’s time to “shake yourself”, and by the end of this book you will believe that it’s not difficult to continue your life with a fresh breath. The one who don’t have a moustache should not worry! You also will learn to laugh; you even will take a friend beside you and will besmear him or her with your joy of life.

We all are so much in need of this! And this is so close to us! We are so much in need to understand each other…

As if the authors are there for it! To remind you on the forgotten…That’s why it is so easy to be the heroes of their stories! Because the writings are exactly the same of your feelings, you will embrace and easily identify yourself with them.

All of the written heroes are just you and only you. And the stories are your life! Whatever your wishes and disappointments are, they exist here. And nobody’s are any different than yours.

Some of them could realize their dreams and the one who are not realizing, because of their believing in “not to be able to realize”! Thinking is to open your arms to hug life.

A freebee hug! Come on, let us hug.