I guess my first sentence should be: being one of the rare people who lived a life, both as a queen and as a slave, gave me eyeglasses which most people cannot wear as a present.

Thus why every time my writings were read in a different color and stunning rather than the writings of any columnists!

To be one of the “famous” people of my country and walking on the street to be stopped to get hugged is not my choice. I just walked to be valuable…

The soul of the days when I knew to fight against hunger and cold, have transferred different feelings into the days I sat at tables with caviar, with an elegant dress covered with sparkling stones. The shoes, which I put on when I crossed over red carpets and my cold feet in wet leather, gave me the chance to taste sour and sweet at the same time.

Therefore, I can filter thousands of stories I viewed and read, thru the heart of a king and thru the fingers of a beggar. Because, I was all of them!

I am a 50 years old world citizen, who was awarded with prize at an age of sixteen for her first story and who sat on the chair of an anchorwoman and compiling disaster and miracle news.

However my nourishment is the souls of the human, whatever their culture, religion, habits are! Because it is with the same antenna and the same broadcasting frequency!

A man in Europe, who was raped during his childhood and a human in Indonesia, who was harassed, are not feeling any different.

Both, a mother in China and a mother in the USA, whose children are dying, are not watering tear drops with different chemical structures.

After a childhood in Anatolia that was spent in an earthen house with oil-lamp and oven lights, life sent me off to Paris, thereafter to other big cities and to Lyon. I gained the pleasure to mix the French chansons with the Middle East Folk-songs; the two cultures on a common line with the difficulties of life. Countless soul and miracle stories, which are recorded and are continuing to record to my mind! Who should write them down other than me? Besides this, if I know I can change the life of someone, somewhere in the world, with just one book!

Writing is something like love! For the one who knows to be both a slave and a master, it is a form of an endless being.


Andrea And

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