Picture 313Ayşenur Yazıcı was born 1958 as the first child of a father, who is an officer born in Erzurum and of a mother, who was born in Elazig and is a teacher.

She attended the primary school in different places of Anatolia, the secondary school in Paris, the lyceum in Ankara Tevfik Fikret Lisesi, the university in Lyon Rhône Academy France.

She began to work on 1983 in Izmir TRT (Turkish Radio Television). While she was continuing to work at the TRT at the same time, she worked in the representative office of Christian Dior Turkey for 5 years as a technical director and as an educator.

During the years of advertisement, animation and public relation director of Printemps warehouses, she was the first user and advertiser of wide framed cosmetic promotions.

Since 1992 she is working at private televisions as an announcer and makes programs. She has more than 50 prizes in this job. She was considered as suitable to be awarded with the greatest title of the Turkish Language Institution as “The announcer who is best using the Turkish language”.

She worked together with the worldwide famous makeup artist Serge Mentelet, for the film “Sahmeran” of Zülfü Livaneli. Since 1990 she is writing and publishing different cosmetic articles and is preparing psychological tests and is working as a newspaper columnist. She has got an award at the anthology poem contest.

She is the author of “Live Between Two Bread Slices”,“Bedriye”, “Women Cry”, “Magician Tricks on Make-up”, “The Last Thirteen Days”, “I Have Stolen Your Story” which were issued by Epsilon publishing house, and “Miraculous Solutions For Those Who Missed The Live”, that was issued Boyner publication. “You are Caveman” by Dogan Egmont publication, “Come Back Muazzez” published by Nemesis publication.

Her two novels were translated into English and German languages and will be published after October 2008 with the author name Andrea And.

She is holding seminars at universities about “healing with colors, their effects on the life and the effects of the positive thinking power on our life.

She has a special passion for Islamic mysticism and especially for “Mesnevi” (poems made up of rhymed couplets, written by Mawlana) for which she says that they “changed her life light”

Yazıcı, who knows both English and French, is the mother of a boy.

She is member of  Turkish Journalists Assembly